Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Well, we made it through. We have a little roof damage and were without power for a few hours. Nothing like our friends who have been without power for days and do not know when they will be getting it back. We are out of school for at least another couple of days so I am going to take the time to stamp. Hopefully I will have something to share in the next few hours. That would mean that I would remember to take the time and post it. 

The destruction is amazing. There are houses with trees down, roofs off, trees as part of the roof - etc. We are truly blessed to have the little damage that we did have. I have learned one lesson through all of this - blessings are meant to be shared. We have been blessed to share our home, food, freezer space with those that have been without power. We know that they would have done the same for us in a heartbeat. 


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