Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Great Teacher Gift

So we are welcoming several new teachers in our building this year! Of course, the budget is tight so we can not get gifts for each and every one of them, so we decided to draw for this great school supply tower! I got the idea from a good friend of mine. It is put together a lot like those cute diaper cakes we have all see.
The base is a cake base wrapped in wrapping paper. Then I used a photo box for the first layer - attached with sticky strip. Then attached a composition book on each end, three spiral notebooks on one side, two packages of notebook paper on the other side and covered up the paper with three packages of colored pencils. The second layer is a large tissue box, with pens, pencils, sharpies and highlighters placed in the gap. The third layer is an opening formed with two band-aid boxes and two boxes of pencils. In the opening at the top is two packages of expo markers, a package of note cards, erasers and a pencil sharpener. Everything is either taped down with sticky strip or tied on with ribbon and rubber bands.

I hope all of this makes sense! It would be an awesome gift for any teacher! Supplies are so cheap right now it would not cost very much to make. I think this one cost less than $20. Oh and there is a bottle of hand sanitizer in the corner. I will be back tomorrow with some more stamping projects! Have a great day!


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As the Abel's Turn said...

I am so hoping I can recreate this. What type of box of tissues. The ones that is rectangular or square. I will work on this next week, after work.